Why Was The League Of Nations Successful

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The creation of the United Nations was the ultimate test of how far United States’ government would go to successfully maintain international peace after World War 2; and it worked. However, one cannot credit all of the success to the creators of the United Nations, but to also the creators and facilitators of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was a group of countries that decided after World War 1 to create this “league” to prevent World War 2. As history tells us, that sadly did not occur, however it built the roadmap that guided the UN to its success today. Despite the numerous setbacks and attempts that the United Nations faced since the idea was launched, the UN used the failure of the League of Nations to progress successfully …show more content…
The League of Nations was, “created at the Paris Peace Conference, the League’s Covenant was embedded in the text of the Versailles Treaty at the insistence of its great patron Woodrow Wilson.” After World War 1, President Woodrow Wilson was discussing with Congress on what they could do to prevent another war of this high-caliber from happening again. After President Wilson proposed the idea to the members of the League, they all seemed to be on the same page; ironically, except for the United States. The reason for the United States not joining the League of Nations was because, “when the U.S. Senate proposed reservations to the Covenant, to protect U.S. sovereignty and freedom of action, the president rejected them all. The Senate then rejected the treaty, and the United States never joined the League.” President Wilson even “insisted” in the signing of the League’s covenant, so for the President and the Senate to make the conscientious decision to not join the League was definitely difficult to understand. The United States was not the only country at fault when it came to the demise of the League of Nations, “it was [all] the Allies that failed.” Shortly after signing the covenant agreeing to try and solve worldly problems without aggression, Japan and China go to Civil War, and as a result; …show more content…
Roosevelt signing the original declaration to now, where there are so many members and so many different council, it is hard to keep track off. However, with all of this, there are a couple of things that the United Nations made sure to keep constant to assure success. One key thing was their initial platform; the first members of the United Nations that came up with the first security council had the notion that the main focus of the UN is to maintenance international peace and security. With that as a guide, the UN has growth economically, globally, socially, with that one theme. Even though diseases do not go away, they only get more advanced, the UN has learned with its experience with smallpox and is now learning how to deal with the HIV/AIDS crisis. In 2001, the UN managed to halt all of the speculations and criticism with how the epidemic is being handled.” Learning from how the UN dealt with how they handled smallpox, they have joined forces under the direction of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) to battle the disease and end the discrimination and stigma associated with it. As much unwanted hype this epidemic has gotten, the UN has managed to halt it and make the bold statement that because of all the hard work they have been putting through, that they plan on stopping the epidemic totally by the year 2030. Another success that was gained because of the long, treacherous work done by the UN, are the

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