Why Was The Jewish Community? Essay example

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Why was it that the Jewish community did not comprehend the oppression and segregation forming as the Nazi Regime grew? As the Nazi Regime gained more and more authority, the threat towards “non-Aryan” men, women, and children began to grow. Jews, Gypsies, mentally handicapped, and physically disabled, slowly began to see antisemitism directed towards them. As Nazism began to spread throughout Germany, Nazi oppression became worse and worse towards those who were not “Aryan”. Between Dignity and Despair incorporates the Jewish points of view and the accounts from Jewish perspectives. With the use of journals, books, and personal accounts from Jewish men and women, we as readers, are able to envision the struggles and hardships those men and women endured. As the Nazi government began to mobilize, Jewish men would begin to see their rights and businesses slowly stripped. With the men being stripped of work and status, Jewish women were required to work and take up jobs in order to support their families. Slowly, Jewish families began to see a change in their daily lives. As more and more policies were put in place against Jews, women were forced into new roles and required to take on more responsibilities. Jewish men and women would be riddled with insults and public humiliation. As time went on, families with mixed heritages became riddled with problems. Jewish men married to Aryan women were more troubled than Aryan men married to Jewish women. However, both types of…

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