Why was Richard III defeated at the battle of Bosworth Essay

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Why Was Richard III Defeated at the Battle of Bosworth?
On the 22nd of August 1485 Richard III, the last Plantagenet King, was defeated and killed in the Battle of Bosworth against Henry Tudor, who would found a dynasty which would feature the first Queen to rule in her own right and would last until 1603. Richard had over twice as many men as Henry but was defeated when, trying to get to Henry, Richard was slain by a rush of cavalry led by Sir William Stanley, the brother of Henry’s step father. However there are many contributing factors to Richard’s death and defeat including, Richard’s pride, Henry’s support from France and Wales, and the support from the Stanley’s at the crucial moment.
One reason why Richard was defeated at the
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When travelling through Wales, Henry gained support from William ap Gruffudd, Rhys ap Thomas, Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir Richard Cobert, the Earl of Oxford, Sir Robert Tunstall, Sir John Savage, Sir Hugh Persall and Sir Humphrey Stanley, giving Henry another 3,200 men to give an army of 5,000 men all together. Without any of this support Henry would have no army and could not be a contender to the throne, there would be no battle and Richard could therefore not be defeated.
The final reason for Richard’s defeat was the support from the Stanley’s at the crucial moment in the battle. By this time Richard was almost face to face with Henry, and with Richard’s great skill in fighting compared to the novice Richard, it would have been almost inevitable that Richard would have won. However due to the support of Sir William Stanley who led the immediate cavalry charge consisting of 500 men, Richard was slain because even the greatest fighter could not win against 500 men. Thus without this intervention from the Stanley’s Henry would probably have won meaning Richard would have been successful.
Overall these reasons for Richard’s defeat are equally important and without any of them Richard would have won and there would have been no Tudor dynasty. Without Richard’s pride he could have fled and brought a bigger army to

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