Why Was Patrick Henry Important

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Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry’s words ring out like a bell, covering the crowd of respected politicians and lawyers with stunned silence. Henry’s brave, powerful speeches encouraged the colonies to stand as one to rebel against the British. Considered one of history’s most influential speakers, Patrick Henry played a crucial role, before, during, and after the American Revolution.
In some ways, Patrick’s life before the war influenced his views and important decisions he made. May 29, 1736, Patrick Henry was born to John and Sarah Henry on a plantation in Studley, Virginia. Motherly and an important role model to her son, Sarah Henry grew up in Virginia as a child, while his father, John Henry, had roots in Scotland. Patrick was the second oldest out of nine children and loved music of all types, having
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In 1790, he returned to being a lawyer, tired of the debating and arguing his many terms of serving demanded. He turned down numerous significant positions such as, Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State, to spend time with his wife Dorothea, and seventeen children. Henry lived in his estate, called Red Hill, in Charlotte County, Virginia. After much persuasion, Patrik finally ran for office in 1799. George Washington urged him to run for the Virginia Legislature. Henry won the seat, but sadly, did not live long enough to serve. On June 6, 1799, Patrick Henry died at his home, Red Hill.
Patrick Henry’s influential words played a critical role in the American War. Not only bravely voicing his thoughts on the British “tyrant”, Henry provided the leadership and initiative needed to serve the rights of his people. Patrick inspired colonists to not be passive, but to revolt against Britain to obtain freedom. Patrick Henry is one of history’s greatest American War heroes and the most important Founding Fathers that made America what it is

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