Why Was Josef Mengele Became The Angel Of Death

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The Nazi regime was possibly the best military power in the world. Ideals of the Nazis party corrupted members of many professions. Even the physicians who pledged the Hippocratic Oath, only to safeguard human life, were affected. A prime example of this is Josef Mengele, who conducted terrible experiments on twins at Auschwitz. Most criminals have a bad backstory to base their hatred from. Mengele, however, had no troubled past that could have predicted his murderous tendencies. He was a witty, rich kid who got excellent grades (Stockton, “How Josef Mengele Became The Angel Of Death”). He was an intelligent child that did unspeakable things as he got older. He had a lot of friends in school, and everyone seemed to like him (Stockton, “How …show more content…
His family and friends, unaware of his career at Auschwitz, greeted him as a good soldier who had done his duty (Wiesenthal, “The Murderers Among Us”). He greeted his family as if nothing happened. He then packed up his research notes and specimens, and he left them with a trusted friend (Stockton, “How Josef Mengele Became The Angel Of Death”).
Mengele was not done with his research, or so he thought. In 1950, he opened an unlicensed medical practice, where he specialized in performing illegal abortions (Stockton, “How Josef Mengele Became The Angel Of Death”). He was not able to stay out of the Medical Field. Years later in 1979, the 68-year-old went out for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, he suffered a sudden stroke in the water and drowned (Stockton, “How Josef Mengele Became The Angel Of Death”). After all of the horrible crimes he committed, he escaped capture and died of a stroke.
Josef Mengele was a sadistic criminal. In the beginning, he was a normal kid, but things changed after he went to war. When he ended up at Auschwitz, he had thousands of subjects to experiment with. He did the majority of his research on twins. His horrific crimes can never be justified. He was a war criminal who was never caught. It is clear that Josef Mengele was a horrible man who conducted terrible

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