Why Was Germany Successful During Early World War Two? Essay

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1939, war had started between Germany and Poland and the successful attempts for expansion of Germany. After obtaining the territory of Poland, Germany rapidly move on to invade the Soviet Union, Romania, Finland, Norway, Denmark and the Dutch just between 1939 and 1940. With many more to come and fall under the command of Germany, they continued to gain territory throughout World War Two taking what they wanted most, power. But why was Germany was so successful in early World War Two? Well, Germanys success is due to the charisma of their leader Adolf Hitler, and the blind followers of his preaching’s. However, the success did not extend beyond the Battle of Britain leading to Germanys downfall as the other powers aligned to help Britain push the German army back. The British were ahead of Germany technology-wise with radars and sonars detecting Germany’s every move. Germany did not have enough supplies to repair or replace the fallen aircraft and men. Finally, there was a lack of planning on Germany’s part to successfully win over certain fights of the battle leading to Germany’s downfall.
Britain ahead technology-wise
After the invasion of Norway, Hitler tried to negotiate with Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, “offering peace, while preparing for invasion” (Black, pg.129). At the time, most Europe was under the British command, so Hitler’s only way to conquer and obtain almost all of Europe was to take out the central power, one the highest allies…

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