Essay on Why Was Fashion Very Important? Ancient China?

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Explain why was fashion very important in Ancient China? The fashion from Ancient China was an important aspect in the Chinese culture. Ancient China society was strict on clothing and this was reflected in its elaborate garment. Fashion trends usually change over time because of new emperors from each dynasty. Clothing later became part of people’s lives in Ancient China, it represented their culture but mainly the differences in social status based on the hierarchy. Ancient Chinese fashion has also influenced modern fashion through its timeless design and aesthetic.

[Describe the historical background of fashion in Ancient China.]
The society in Ancient China was believed to be strict when it comes to the law in China. This belief all started by a Chinese philosopher, Confucius. He taught that strict social order and discipline was the key to a positive society. With a strict society, it influences fashion as well. The citizens in China followed the hierarchy structure and would wear the appropriate clothing for people to identify their social status. The lower class, known as peasants, would only allow wearing hemp or ramie fibres but wealthy citizens, on the other hand were allowed to wear clothing made out of silk. Ancient China even also had rules on clothing and colour. For instance, no one was allowed to wear the yellow beside the Emperor. The colour yellow, symbolises power, royalty and prosperity. If anyone disobeys the rules, they would either be punished…

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