Why Video Games Should Be Played With Friends, Not Online With Strangers: Anti-Book Analysis

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“Why Video Games Should Be Played with Friends, Not Online with Strangers” is a passage written by Bo Moore to persuade his audience that it is more sociable to play video games with friend than online with strangers. The passage outlines how gathering with our friends to play video games is more memorable than playing them online with complete strangers. It continues by giving details on how video game designer Douglas Wilson wanted to bring back social gaming, along with his attempts to accomplish this goal. While both Douglas Wilson and Bo Moore feel that it is more sociable to play video games with friends versus online with strangers, they fail to provide their audience with a legitimate reason on why.
In the passage “Why Video Games Should
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The first reason why is playing video games online is more addictive than playing them with friend because with online gaming someone is always online to play games with. According the article “Online Game Playing Can Be Addictive” an over use of gaming has been identified as a specific subtype of Internet addiction (Young 2). Another reason why it is better to play games at a friend’s house than online is because the more time spent by students playing video games online, the less they spend on studying which can affect their academics. Bo Moore provides no evidence to show that online gaming is anti-social. The article “Social Interactions in Online Gaming” states that “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games encourage group interaction and involvement, flexibility and mastery, resulting in significant friendships and personal empowerment” (Griffiths 1). Although video games don’t necessarily make people anti-social, I still can relate to the passage when it describes playing video games as the best memories that he had growing up because it was the same way for me growing up in the 90’s before online gaming became …show more content…
The passage would have made a very valid argument if more reasoning was provided. This article was more of an opinion than anything else. The passage lacked real reasoning on why video games should be played with friends, instead of online with stranger. More significant issue exists than the one that Bo Moore listed in his passage that can be linked to online video gaming.

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