Why Video Games Should Be Played With Friends Analysis

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How did you connect with your friends, did you have fun filled game nights or would you play with some toys? In his essay “Why Video Games Should be Played with Friends, Not Online Strangers”, Bo Moore, a culture and entertainer writer, claims that gaming is a way for people to connect and have fun no matter what the game is. Whereas in the essay “Toys”, Roland Barthes, a literary theorist from france, state 's that toys are simply for users and owners and that people are never creators. Although the two texts differ, there are moments in Moore’s writing that supports Barthes views on users, creators and owners and how we are constantly choosing between those views.
There are many types of toys and with many types of toys there are many ways
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One way users, owners and creators are brought up is stated later in the essay when Moore gives a point where people said they enjoy watching other people play the game. Which attracted a huge crowd where many people came to hang out. They would hang out at a Wild Rumpus Party. A Wild Rumpus party is almost a mix of a dance club and an arcade, according to Moore, “Neon lights flash and spin, a DJ pumps out electronic music at eardrum-busting volume . . . . The difference is the indie videogames throughout the room, projected on walls, each with a cluster of revelers”(438). Additionally, Marie Foulston, an event cofounder of Wild Rumpus, said that at her event “‘many people tell her they had a great time. But when she asks what game they liked most, many give a surprising answer. They hadn’t played any. They were happy enough spectating’” (439).This is interesting because relating to what Barthes thinks, these people are being users even though they 're not physically playing the game. The people are feeding off other people using the game. One could say that memories are being made and the people are being creators because they 've found a new way to enjoy the game without playing it. Yet these people aren 't being creators because they haven 't created anything new out of the game itself. They 're not playing the game but …show more content…
Arcades were the hot spot, Moore explained, “We crowded around massive cabinets, seven-foot-tall monoliths containing a single videogame” ( 436). . As advancements in gaming came along, video games could now be played at home instead of an arcade. Everyone would grab their group of friends and meet at one house for a video game marathon. “Gaming was in many ways a social endeavor, something that continued as we bought consoles like the Atari 2600 and Nintendo NES.” Moore points out, “There were two controllers, which let us play with a friend” (Moore 436). Video gaming was a way for people to connect and hang out with others who have the same interests ,until another technological advancement, the internet. Furthermore Moore declares, “As soon as these social gatherings were becoming the next big thing, game consoles adopted an innovation that would all but kill them: Internet play. Suddenly we were playing together alone”(437). As a result of gaming on the internet, people could be by themselves at home while playing their friends online. Not to mention that gaming opponents could be from anywhere around the world. As a consequence there was no longer a need to meet up in groups of friends and have game nights. Again, people are becoming users. Before friends would be together, playing the game and creating memories, but since people are playing alone there are no more

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