Why University Is Absolutely Insane Essay

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University is absolutely insane, in the opportunity it provides for growth, stupidity and connections. It provides many with their first experiences of life outside the nest. Your ability to look after your cleanliness, clothes, room, mental stability and organization are now personal responsibilities. Some would argue that it provides you with the skills set you need to join our societies work force, become a part of something more connected then anything we 've previously experienced. However, many come to The University of Toronto without a career orientated desire, just wanting to live, love and learn about life and humanity.

This group of individuals, commonly known as the Queen 's Park Water Tower Production Company, have been trying to hack life as an independent adult and have quickly realized that friends make everything more worthwhile and beautiful.

“University to me is the impossible mountain we all must summit. It is the crushing force of the established that is balanced by a person 's absolute love for the single class which happiness is gleaned. It is the time in which we become who we are all over again, all without knowledge of where life will take us following our time with it. This is the time where our voices provide for our existence and our character will be derived from.” - Noah

They became friends through Hart House and Rain Dance on Campus 's 48 Hour film competition, about a month and a half ago. The concept of their five minute short was…

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