Why To Kill The Death Penalty Essay

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The Death Penalty and Why It Should Stand With More Heinous Ways of Death The death penalty has been looked down upon by humanitarians for a long time. There is no real problem with it, however. The problem with the death penalty is the method of execution. There have been many styles that a prisoner may be executed in across the short span of U.S. history. Some of the more familiar styles or methods would be known as: hanging, firing squad, electrocution, the gas chamber, and lethal injection. The death penalty has always been used as a deterrent. However, it sometimes does not work as a deterrent, for example lethal injection as it does not scare anyone, for it is not brutal and there are no victims of it who die convulsing and struggling as they do when they are hanged or electrocuted. Nobody wants to die a horrific death where their eyes pop out and rest on their cheeks or void their bowels and suffer a slow painful death of asphyxiation as a result of a hanging. The true power of the death penalty is after all the intimidation and …show more content…
was much lower than it is now as shown by the graph displayed here. Note that in the early 1900’s Americans still executed its prisoners on death row by means more harsh than lethal injection, rather methods such as hanging were used to end the lives of the sick monsters that found their way onto the “chopping block” so to speak. Also notice that the chart shows a large increase in murder rates starting right at 1982 which also happens to be the year that lethal injection made its debut as an execution method as the needle took the life of Charles Brooks in Texas on December 7th. In the years that have followed murder has only become a more common crime committed by criminals as society is straying farther and farther from punishment so brutal that it would scare a man straight. Yes there was a lot less of the crime we have today back when society did executions the right

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