Essay about Why Theu.s. Started After The Vietnam War

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The lead up to the Vietnam war is very significant to why the U.S started to get involved in the war. Once the U.S became a big role in the war and now that Johnson had became President the U.S begun to changed. How the U.S got out of the war was a significant thing that the whole world knew about. Now that the U.S had gotten out of the war, there were things in the war that are just now effecting the U.S. There are many different and significant important reason on why the U.S began to get involved in this war. One major reason on why the U.S got involve in Vietnam was that The U.S was trying to avert communism from falling under different places in the world. This means that all property is publicly owned and all the people work and is paid on their ability in a certain job that they are good at. Also the U.S standpoint was that they seen Vietnam as an additional Korea. This is bad for the U.S because Korea is seen as a product of evil for all their threats. President Johnson was granted permission to declare war with Vietnam. This was significant because only two congressman voted to stay out of the war. Once that Johnson was granted permission to declare the actual war, U.S military advisors was departed to south Vietnam to train the south Vietnamese army. The U.S wasn 't actually in face to face combat yet, the gave the south a chance and fight for themselves. Now that the U.S has seen Vietnam as a threat they have begun to take part in the war but hasn 't fully…

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