Why There Were Differences Between The Western Powers And The Soviet Union Essay

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Which of these sources is more valuable in explaining why there were differences between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union?

Source A, a speech by Winston Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain Speech’ and Source B, taken from an interview with Josef Stalin, both point that there were differences between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union – but one is more valuable in explaining why than the other – and in this case Source A is the most valuable.

Source A is a small sample taken from the acclaimed ‘Iron Curtain Speech’ spoken by Winston Churchill, in Fulton, Missouri on the 6th of March 1946. Of course at the time Churchill had not held the position of prime minister anymore – but he was still highly influential. Truman had read the speech
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Its written in a sentimental and moving form, to persuade everyone that the USSR have endured suffering, “…through the expulsion of Soviet citizens to slave labour camps, the Soviet Union has irrevocably lost about 7 million people,” this is how much the Soviet have lost though only labour camps, but in total they grieved with the loss of 28 million soldiers, and Stalin wanted compensation as they’ve gone weaker. “Some quarters are trying to push into oblivion these sacrifices of the Soviet people”, here he points out the belief that the capitalist parties are forgetting and barely acknowledging the death of so many people, he didn’t even trust the West as they had fought against the communists in the Civil War of 1918-1919, but still wanted appreciation and gratitude from them. He continues saying that their sacrifices “enabled the liberation of Europe”, for example in the Battle of Stalingrad (23rd August 1942-2nd Feb 1943) the Soviets fought Nazi Germany for the control of the city Stalingrad (now named Volgograd), and encounters like this brought time for the USA and British to create a second war front. Stalin continues in the source, “ensure its security for the future”, (referring to the Soviet Union), which

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