Why The Working Class Are Socially Than The Middle Or Upper Class

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Crime studies show that certain classes are more likely to commit crimes than others. The class group who are the main culprits to commit the most crimes are the working class. There are many reasons as to why the working class are most likely to be involved in criminal activity and be more deviant than the middle or upper class. Marxists say that the cause of crime is due to the consequences of a capitalist society. Wealthier classes such as the middle and upper class decide what is seen as deviant and criminal in society to benefit themselves. Marxists see crime and deviance as being revolved around the ruling class as they use this as way of being in control of society and those who are less privileged and being filtered into the working class category. For example, if you do not conform to society you will face punishment or prosecution. The laws that are made in society are decided by the middle and upper class giving them all of the power which is why the working class feel singled out and feel as though they do not have as many rights or privileges. This divide between the classes can cause conflicts and deviant behaviours from the working class, as they are fighting for their right to get the same privileges as the bourgeoisie. As the working class are fighting for something and are needier for example, those who are poor or who aren’t wealthy are likely to shoplift, sell drugs and be involved in robberies. Due to this most working class people are automatically…

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