Why The United States Fight The Islamic State Essays

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Why the United States Needs to Fight the IS on the Ground

Should the United States fight the Islamic State? The short answer is yes. But the real

question, the one that everyone is debating, is how should the US and its allies fight the IS? So

far, the US-led coalition has been using precision airstrikes to combat the IS. However, some

believe the better option is to combine airstrikes with a ground force. Although only using

aircraft to strike IS militants has its advantages, the better choice is to send ground troops. As

quoted by those before us, “You might lose a war without air power, but you will never win a

war without boots on the ground.” We may not win against the IS if we don’t use our air power,

but we will never be able to think of winning if we do not put boots on the ground.

Before going into whether or not the US should fight the Islamic State on the ground, it is

important to see why the United States should fight the IS in the first place. The Islamic State of

Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, was only one of the many names taken on by this terror group. ISIS was

actually a part of al-Qaeda, with Osama bin Laden being the more moderate leader, and Abu

Musab al-Zarqawi being the more radical leader. Although al-Qaeda has been, for the most part,

dealt with, the IS has been mostly untouched. They are able to recruit members from all across

the world because they use social media. Not only that, the Islamic State has over tens of…

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