Why The Slobodskoi's Cruelty Of The Allies?

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The Allies established in the city their own police and courts. Except of the Bureau of International Police, which was located on the Golden Horn seafront, each European Power had its own police department (British crocker, French and Italian section) in their zone of control. Americans, having neither a district to control, nor its own army in the city, dispatched their police patrols by evenings to gather from the streets drunken American sailors. Ottoman Police had permanent stations throughout the city, while Inter-Allied patrols raided through the streets. Officially, they should not interfere into the work of the Ottoman Police. Practically, the Allies dominated in Galata and Pera districts. The Russians had to deal with them quite often. Slobodskoi depicts the cruelty of French and British Police who ruthlessly used their batons on every occasion, undertook violent merry-making, and committed tortures. Nevertheless, the mutual relationships of the Allies …show more content…
In order to fight for their rights the Russians started hunger-strikes and sent petitions to various international organizations. One of such petitions says: “For last two months even once we were not allowed to walk, we were most visited by any court official; we are given to the mercy of an old guard; we deprived of light; since 4pm the prison cells are in total darkness, we forced to buy candles at our own expense. Dirt and garbage were not taken out from the room for several months. We are about to suffocate from the stench, which also made us dizzy…” Among the Russians that were jailed in Ottoman prisons in Constantinople, was famous Russian entrepreneur Frederic Thomas. He was placed there for his debts, got pneumonia, and shortly after that died at the age of

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