Essay on Why the Roanoke Colony Disappeared

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“Land Ho”! In the year of, 117 colonists arrive at the shore of, nowadays, North Carolina (Drye Willie, 2004). On the ship the ship is a pregnant women also known as Eleanor Dare, daughter of John White, and the mother of Virginia Dare; the first English born American child. The Roanoke colony is one of the first American mysteries that no one has yet solved. There are a lot of theories regarding this tragedy. Some say that they drowned, and others say that they merged with the Indians living near by the colonists. Based upon research, the theory that appeared the most logical was that the Indians murdered the colonists. Not only because it’s one of the well-known theories, but also because it seemed probable.
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The next explanation for the theory is that three years would have been enough for the Indians to murder all the settlers and leave no trace considering that they killed all the fifteen men that were left behind when the colony tried to colonize in that area (ezlee2, 2007). Three years was also enough time to hide the bodies. The Indians could have murdered all those people and hidden their bodies if what happened to the fifteen men as their doing. Europeans never got to really know how the Indians worked their system and they probably underestimated their skill and ability. “Twas a group of fifteen men. A little over a year had passed since they first started the colony, before explorers decided to check up on their hopeful progress. What these explorers found was one dead body. It was verified that it was the work of the Natives. From this past event we know that the Natives were capable of such atrocities and also capable of hiding the bodies. The “Indians” had a sufficient amount of time to tear down the buildings too.” (John K. Davis, 2009). The most important reason that makes this hypothesis the most significant is that when John Smith went to settle down in Virginia, one of his missions was to search for any evidence of the lost colony. When, John Smith asked the Chief Powhatan if he knew what happened to that village,

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