Essay about Why The Organization Champion Project Ascent?

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Document draft iterations do not require a formal change control process. When the document is going through draft iterations, the versioning is denoted as such: “Ver0.1, Ver0.2, Ver0.3.” Release issues require final approval from the Project Manager and must undergo formal change control procedures; released issues will be denoted as such: “Ver1.0, Ver2.0, Ver3.0.” The released version number is displayed on the cover page and in the header of each page thereafter.
The purpose of this Project Initiation Document (PID) is to define the Ascent Project and all of its elements needed to provide a concrete foundation upon which management can provide acceptance and approval for its initiation. This document follows the organization’s template of essential elements for submitting a PID. The information we (the Project Ascent Team – defined later) aim to provide will enlighten on the following questions:
• What is Project Ascent and its objectives?
• Why should the organization champion Project Ascent?
• What will the benefits to the organization be?
• How risky is Project Ascent?
• How much will Project Ascent cost?
• What is the estimated timeline for completion of Project Ascent?
• Are there other ways to achieve the same objectives?
Project Background
In order to understand Project Ascent, it is important to have a baseline understanding of the Commercial Work Plan (CWP). The CWP is the organization’s project management system, comprised of ten tools that are used for…

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