Why The Minority Is The United States Essay

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When we here social inequality we think of societies who 's beliefs mimic a time period where only a certain group can obtain a higher stature. In the United States social inequality still exist, while it isn 't blatant many people in the United States remain in the lower class. But why is this possible in the United States, is it due to the fact that we belong in a particular society where men make more than their female counterparts, or is due the fact that even after civil rights movement some minority 's still have not recovered from the injustice that were put upon them wrongfully. Whether these problems were caused by certain ideologies, the human condition, or life chances these issues must be sought out and addressed. In this paper I will try to discover the misconception of why the minority is painted out to be the biggest contributor to government assistance while majority isn 't even concluded to the conception. In order to discover the problem we look at certain data to understand, the 2016 U.S census show the percentage of certain race that are in property in the United States. Of the races 24% of African Americans live in poverty, 21% Hispanic, 11% Asian, and finally 9% of White Americans live in poverty. While the population percentage of white in the poverty rate seems lower from the other races. The amount of white Americans that live in poverty is more than the black, Hispanic, and Asian race combined. But why do we only focus on the percentage than the…

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