Why The Law Should Be Enforced With An Iron Noose Essay

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Why The Law Should Be Enforced With An Iron Noose In 1965, a man by the name of Robert Massie killed a woman and her husband during a robbery at the couple 's’ home in California. Mr. Massie was tried and convicted of this atrocity and was ordered to the death penalty. Unfortunately Mr. Massie’s sentence was commuted to life in prison. He was later released from prison with parole in 1978. The release of this man, if you can call him that, was a mistake paid for January 1989 with the life of Boris Naumoff which was taken by Massie during a robbery. He was then executed in 2001 for the murder of Mr. Naumoff. If Massie had been dealt with properly after he murdered the couple in 1965, well it would’ve been a safe bet that Mr. Naumoff would have been around on February of 1989. The death penalty would’ve prevented such a cold and dastardly crime from Massie. The death penalty has been shamed and wrongfully looked down upon by humanitarians for a long time. However, though the deed may be heinous, there is no real problem with using the death penalty to further rid our world of the monsters that seek to destroy human welfare. The real problem with the death penalty is the way death is brought. Although most people may want to see a non-violent execution without any blood, what they really need to see is an example, an example of how we feel about these criminals that plague our society, an execution full of blood and gore and extreme convulsions of the body. “A…

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