Why The Internal Firewall Is Worth A Download Essay

2185 Words Jun 5th, 2016 null Page
'It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen ' - presumably a twenty-four hour clock. This was when I first took note that TV had without an invite had invaded us... it sits nonchalently on the wall with an unbridaled power. Since, then I mistrust anything that 's transmitted from the screen - so I 've download an internal firewall to protect myself on the off-chance TV will be wanting my vote at some stage - TV on the TV on a TV debate... I feel nauseus at the thought. I say this guessing that TV understands the concept of democratic process, on reflection I fear it does, why it sits nonchalently on the wall - hence, why the internal firewall is worth a download. Worth noting that the internal firewall is not on the NHS because no state would ever inform a whole societal occupance to refrain from keeping their TV 's permanently off; why I hear you ask? Because, how will the state fill your fragile minds with hyperbole then? Oh, looks like I 've come a cropper; duly because TV is really run by the state, the so-called 'Royal Charter ' (2013) - TV is just a visual tool, on its own it 's nothing and hasn 't the intellectual thought process capable of being commanding and 'powerful. ' Oh wait, or does the state have intellectual prose yet it claims to have 'power. ' I 've quickly denoted, this debate has turned into a cul-de-sac of actualities - I feel as if I 'm in a maize; sardined between ten foot hedgerows... all disorientated. Anyone got…

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