Why The Hunting Can It Affect The Surrounding Ecosystem Essay

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Overabundance and how can it affect the surrounding ecosystem
When discussing hunting and the types of impacts that removal of a population can do to ecosystems it 's important to know why the hunting is necessary to control negative and potentially devastating impacts that are a result of the animals in question. The Science of Overabundance points to a specific issues that surround the reseeding of Eastern Hemlock in the Upper Great Lakes region of the United States. “Hemlock was a dominant or important canopy component in approximately two-thirds of Wisconsin’s northern forest area at the time of European colonization but was reduced by timber harvest and bark extraction to remnant stands covering only .05 percent of the landscape” (McShea, Underwood, Rappole 280). The corresponding study showed that deer were in direct correlation with the tree’s inability to properly seed and showed the ultimate decline of the species of the tree. “Browsing by deer and snowshoe hare significantly increased the mortality rate of hemlock seedlings” (McShea, Underwood, Rappole 289). Additionally, it 's important to note that these effects are not confined to any one location as an article was published by Cool Green Science regarding climate change,“White-tailed deer likely impact every landscape east of the Mississippi River. The damage has been insidious — both slow moving and cumulative. Unfortunately, the harm is often overlooked, or worse, accepted as somehow ‘natural’”(Pursell,…

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