Why The Hero 's Journey Essays

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Why the hero 's journey is so pervasive in narrative and what it represents about the collective unconscious

19.6 hours of film and 7.7 billion dollar revenue later, the Harry Potter series has become the most celebrated fiction novels and films of a generation. The story of the boy who lived was originally told by J.K Rowling then adapted to film in 2001. With millions of fans across the globe it is almost impossible to find someone who has not heard or seen the tale. This remarkable story is told in seven parts and begins with the Sorcerers Stone. Almost as recognizable as the Harry Potter stories is Joseph Campbell 's theory of the Hero 's Journey. Joseph Campbell felt that all stories have similar layouts that uncover the basics of everyday human life. The hero 's journey is so popular because it lays out plot that most viewers can relate to in their everyday life. Although not everyone is fighting dark magic, we all see a little bit of ourselves in every plot that follows Joseph Campbell 's theory. The twelve stage cycle and descriptive archetypes that identify the hero 's journey can be matched to all of the Harry Potter series but is most prominent in the Sorcerer 's Stone. The acclaimed film follows Potter as he enters the wizarding world for the first time and experiences almost every stage of the hero 's journey, while viewers can not help but to see a little of themselves.

When Harry Potter is told by Rubeus Hagrid gamekeeper at Hogwarts school of witchcraft…

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