Why The Greensboro Sit Ins Played A Huge Problem Essays

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Racial Segregation was a huge problem in the south during the 1960’s. African Americans were treated very differently then White Americans. Blacks and Whites had to be segregated in public bathrooms, public places, public transportations, public restrooms, and public restaurants. It was a very hard time for African Americans because they couldn’t get jobs and they weren’t treated right. A lot of times they were met with violence even though they were doing non-violent acts. On February 1st, 1960, four African Americans sat down at the lunch counter inside the Woolworth store to protest racial segregation. They will sit down quietly and wait to be served. There was no violence involved with this protest. Not did they know this event was one of the turning points in the Civil Rights era. In this paper I am going to discuss why the Greensboro sit-ins played a huge part in the history of the Civil Rights Movement and how it influenced sit-ins across the country.
The Greensboro sit-in was not only one of the most important events in Greensboro’s history but it was also one of the most important events in the history of the Civil Rights Movement. Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr. and David Richmond were the ones who sat down at the lunch counter on February 1st, 1960. They were young college students attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College. They all had one goal in common and that was to change racist and discriminatory policies at the local…

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