Why The Gospel Was Spread Through Oral Tradition? Essay

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In the early Christian church the canon was developed over a period of 250-300 years. Before the written canon was developed the majority of the gospel was shared by word of mouth through teachers. This was not uncommon for this period. One of the main reasons why the gospel was spread through oral tradition is because writing was clumsy and expensive to produce. Once papyrus became economical, and widespread use began, written texts exploded much like the internet has done to knowledge today. Furthermore, the use of the oral tradition allowed for creation of multiple canons by different individuals. Several councils where convened to settle the false heresies and canons, however, there was a need to have one canon that is widely accepted by the entirety of the Christion church. It is difficult to grasp that the current canon today was developed over a long period of time.
The first New Testament canon was created by Marcion around A.D. 140. The impact of Marcion developing a canon cannot be underestimated, by developing a canon he revealed to the mainstream church how imperative the need for a biblically sound canon became. Macron held the belief that the God of the Old Testament was different then the God of the New Testament. Marcion so desired to separate the Jewish Old Testament he took a scalpel to Paul’s letters removing much of the Jewish influence, and completely removed the first two chapters of Luke. Chris Price states “Marcion taught that the God of the Old…

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