Why The Family Nurse Practitioner Program Essay example

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Professional Statement
Why the Family Nurse Practitioner Program
I chose nursing as a profession because I saw the value of the intimacy of the nurse¬-patient relationship and the ability of the nurse to have a significant impact on a patient’s life. While I have cherished and excelled at inpatient nursing and have loved the connection with my patients and their families, my goal all along has been to advance my education and become a nurse practitioner. As an advanced practice nurse, I would have the ability to provide care for patients in a direct capacity on an acute or long-term basis. I have chosen the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program because I believe that it allows me the most opportunities and the best preparation to serve patients in a community-oriented capacity. As a family nurse practitioner, I would have the opportunity to serve women, children, and adults in a long-term capacity and be apart of the movement of nursing to advance nursing practice and increase quality of nursing’s role in patient care.
As a family nurse practitioner, I would have the ability to advocate for my patients, ensure patient-focused care, and broaden my scope to better serve patients in my community. This would allow me to have more autonomy, to provide care directly to patients, as well as to ensure continuity of care, all of which would allow me to establish a personal connection with my patients over a lifetime. I have learned through shadowing family nurse practitioners…

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