Essay Why The English School System Is Better

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Why the English School System is Better

Schools throughout the world have different educational systems which cause varying overall results in the student success rates. Two countries with differing systems are the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The educational system’s contrasting aspects include the organization of levels, the length of the school year, amount of workload, cost and goals of Universities, and parent involvement. Due to differences in various aspects in British schools, statistics show that England has a better educational system than America.

According to studies of high school graduation rates on, the United Kingdom is ranked 5th with a 92% graduation rate while the United States is 21st with only a 76% graduation rate. Also, 78% of adults living in England have completed upper secondary school as stated by the OCED Better Life Index. Clearly, just with statistics, England is shown to have a better educational system than many other countries in the world, especially America.

Many aspects lead to this substantial rate of graduation which is much higher than the US’s. One is the way the school system in the United Kingdom is organized. England splits its education into five different stages: early years, primary, secondary, Further Education, and Higher Education (Education System in the UK). Roughly, children ages 3-4 start their education at a nursery, which is not compulsory, then advance onto primary…

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