Why The Democratic People 's Republic Of Korea From Developing Nuclear Weapons?

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China will not give up the goal of preventing North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. However, more and more comments from the global society blame China didn’t make a great effort on this issue. Thus, in order to answer this question, there are three questions could be asked: why the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) want to develop the nuclear weapons? What are China’s interests of preventing the development of nuclear weapons of DPRK? And how much influence over North Korean that China could do?
First of all, why DPRK spares no effort to develop nuclear weapons? In the March 2, 2016, the United Nations condemned a strongest sanction toward the DPRK. According to the UN, DPRK’s efforts on developing nuclear weapons “thereby constituting a challenge to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and to peace and stability in the region and beyond. ” However, for North Korea, the thorny road of developing nuclear weapons is the result of the great powers. In the period of the Cold War, North Korea was the ally of China as well as the Soviet Union. Because of the role of allies, there was no reason for North Korea to develop the nuclear weapon. After 1990s, the Soviet Union was collapsed, and China gradually got involved into the global system. The unprecedented sense of crisis appeared in North Korea. In addition, the United States has targeted the North Korea as the evil states because of the difference of national forms. Within those…

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