Why The Caged Bird Can Not Read Essay

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In “Superman and Me” Alexie begins by telling a short story about his childhood where he lived on an Indian reservation. He presents us with a few tales about how as a kid he was always interested in books and he compared paragraphs to fences as well as his siblings. Alexie viewed everything in his young life as pieces of paragraphs which made up the entire story of his life. Subsequently he transitions into the next part of the story where he presents us with the idea that an indian who views knowledge as a tool can be dangerous because they can break out of the common stereotypes placed on their culture. Alexie now gives back to his culture by trying to help other Indian children value knowledge like he has. Similarly, in “Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read” Prose uses evidence she obtained from high schools across the country to build on the idea she proposes which is schools all follow the same set curriculum of books they have kids read; consequently, the students are never able to break out of their shells and advance their learning capabilities. Prose suggests towards the end a solution to the problem but doesn’t build much on her idea, but we can infer she believes students should be challenged. Alexie and Prose use different writing patterns, but they both use similar rhetorical devices to help us understand why they are writing their essays.
Alexie breaks her short story into two parts by beginning with how she was taught to read. On page 110 Alexie says, “We bought…

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