Why the Bcs Is Flawed Essay

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WHY THE BCS SYSTEM HAS TO BE CHANGED There are many controversies in the world of college athletics, such as the idea of paying athletes and unethical recruiting. However the most discussed problem is the Bowl Championship Series, or BCS for short. The BCS is a way of deciding a national champion in college football. Teams are ranked one through twenty-five, with the top two teams appearing in the championship game. There are five BCS bowl games in total; the Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, Orange, and the National Championship. The Bowl Championship Series take many factors into account in determining the rankings of teams. The most important factors are wins and losses, followed by strength of opponents. This is why teams from weaker …show more content…
Utah ran the table, beat everybody set in front of them, including Ala-damn-bama in no less than the Sugar Bowl, and gets the bagel.”
(Life of Reilly) Beating the fourth ranked Alabama Crimson Tide further proved that Utah belonged in the National Championship. Utah is not the first undefeated team from a lesser conference that was excluded from the national championship game, and certainly will not be the last. Boise State was within reach of the title game in 2010. They were ranked third late in the season and then lost an overtime game by three points to Nevada. They dropped to tenth and ended up missing out on a BCS bowl. Boise State was very deserving of a spot in the championship game because they had been dominating their opponents. Before they were defeated by Nevada, they had been beating their opponents by almost four touchdowns a game. TCU, who is also from a conference considered to be lesser, ended up 12-0 and defeated Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. These are just two of the many examples of teams like TCU or Boise State that continue to prove they can compete with the better competition they face in BCS games. This problem has existed since the Bowl Championship series was created in 1998, replace the Bowl alliance. Once the BCS system was imposed, it gave an immediate advantage to schools from bigger conferences like the SEC or the Big-12. A team like Alabama is

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