Why The American Education System Needs Reformation Essay

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Why the American Education System Needs Reformation

Students are expected to be ready to move on, and to the next step in their lives, but what actually is the next step? From preschool to becoming a senior in high school, students are obligated to know how to continue through their schoolwork and keep up with their responsibilities. The thing is, students easily find themselves swamped in such a mass amount of homework, they barely have any time for themselves. It becomes overwhelming, things begin to pile up and it is not long before the students are losing sleep and trying to keep up with their own life outside of schoolwork. They find things becoming stressful, crying and overworking themselves over grades that don’t even really make a dent in their final average; in more severe cases, depression is developed and suicide is even contemplated. School becomes an unhappy hole, and many hope for days where dangerous weather conditions will keep them from having to attend, just to avoid an assignment or to even receive a break. To many, school is not even about learning anymore, but about how much they can remember.

An anonymous survey conducted at Fannin County High School revealed that over half of the fifty students surveyed agreed that they were extremely stressed, even to the point of it being considered unhealthy or dangerous. Compared to a nationwide survey, Fannin County isn’t the only surveyed group that feels this way as a survey conducted by the…

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