Essay about Why The 2016 Election?

2075 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
Elicia Parks
English 111
Why the 2016 Election?
In this 2016 Election, we have two candidates that America seems to think are unworthy and not trusting. These candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary’s recent private emails being leaked showing skeptical acts of involvement with Benghazi, and top secret Federal government information being exposed. This affected many citizens’ views about Hillary Clinton thus having many eerie about her presidency. Whereas Donald Trump is a sarcastic, narcissistic, radical republican and billionaire celebrity his acts towards the public express how he has no experience in government, yet wants to lead the country! Which scares 70% of the nation leading them either not to vote or pick between to unlikely candidates. Therefore, there are many reasons why these candidates are unqualified, treacherous and unreliable to be elected president because policies they created are not effective in society, public education and immigration reform.
The people needs a leader who will work with House and Senate to create legislation that will either prevent these society injustices issues. Enforcing laws that will support and protect the rights of all citizens regardless of race and sexual orientation. In this upcoming election, citizens should consider the characteristics of candidates’ Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has numerously made racist accusations towards the Muslim and Hispanic community.…

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