Why Teens Have Sex Without Pleasure Essay

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Another reason teens have sex can be due to pressure from their surroundings. In a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 48% of teens ages 12-17 reported they felt “a lot” of pressure to take part in sexual intercourse and/or do sexual acts. This pressure can come from a number of sources, but the biggest perpetrators are their fellow peers and the media. Mostly it is young men who feel a large pressure from their friends to have sex. While 23% of girls said they feel pressure to have sex, one third of the male subjects in the study said they felt a lot of pressure from their friends to have sex. According to Judith Steinhart, Senior Health Director at Columbia University Health Education program, “ A lot of teens are having sex without pleasure...Having it is more important than feeling the pleasure that comes with it. Being able to tell their friends is sometimes more important than any pleasure that they would share with their intimate or sexual partner." This pressure to have sex not only comes from friends but the new and extreme exposure to all things sex. As opposed to couple decades ago, “...children are bombarded with corporate ads and entertainment that sell products via violence, sex, and sexism that is warping the values and behaviors of the young (Males 111). With shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, teens are seeing sex as something everybody does and that everybody already knows how to do. Not only is this false, but the assumption can lead to…

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