Why Teenagers Deserve Privacy Essay

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It is not new for parents to be nosy. Even before social media existed, parents have been snooping in teenagers’ social lives by listening in on their private conversations over the phone. Now that social media is popular and most teens are using it, it is easier for parents to keep track of teenagers. Social media has many positive and negative aspects. If teenagers are aware that social media can sometimes be dangerous, then obviously parents are also aware. Although there are many reasons as to why parents would want to check teenagers’ social media, they shouldn’t. Social media is a place for teenagers to gather and connect with their friends. Since some teenagers have strict parents that almost never let them hang out with their friends outside of school, social media is a great alternative. Parents need to understand why they should not look through teenagers’ social media. …show more content…
If teenagers don’t get the privacy they need, they will not learn to be independent. In the article, “Do Teenagers Deserve Privacy?” the author states, “The teenage years should be a time when your child is gradually growing into an independent adult.” When a parent keeps intruding a teenager’s privacy, it keeps them from doing their own thing. Teenagers are going to grow up always stopping and thinking about what their parents are going to think before they do something or make big life decisions. In the article, “Why Do Teens Need Privacy From Their Parents?” the author states that giving the teens the privacy that they want and need can help them become more independent. It could also build their self confidence. Teens share their thoughts and experiences online with their friends. Teens speaks informally to their friends in person so when they post and message friends online, it’s obvious that they would write informally. It makes teenagers feel like they have no privacy when their parents go through their social media and read their posts and

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