Why Teenagers Are Having Sex Essay examples

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Having sex comes is natural when one is in a relationship or in love. While, the perception of sex has changed over the years so has the age people are having sex in. In previous centuries, sex was preserved more often after one was married, however, over the course of years’ premarital sex became more common. Suddenly numerous individuals began practicing premarital sex not only young adults but, teenagers as well. An important research question I am looking to answering about sexuality is, what are the factors/changes that explain changes in age at first intercourse? The reason I find this important is because there has been a drastic increase over the years in sexual activity in couples starting to have intercourse in their early teens. This is a serious question because various uneducated teens are having sex and starting at a young age which can lead to unplanned accidents such as teen pregnancy or even coming in contact with sexual diseases. Throughout this literature review we will analyze and compare articles that provide the possible effects as to why teenagers are having sex at a younger age such as peer pressure and social media. We will also provide significant statistics and articles that demonstrate the effects of unprepared teenage sex including teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
Literature Review First of all, we can see how premarital sex has increased over the years. In the novel Modern Romance, the researchers described that romance and…

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