Why Teaching Is Important For Our Nation Essay example

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Why Teach?

Why teach? When asked wouldn 't this be a simple question? Some want to teach because then they would get summers off, Christmas break, and a scheduled day with every weekend off with random breaks in-between. That alone would convince many people to consider teaching, one of the best work schedules in the world, just continuing the path you were on for 16 years before you graduated. Teaching is so much more than that when one looks at it closely. I want to teach personally because I like working with kids and have a talent for it. Teaching is so much more than history, math and english, it’s the future of our nation. Who we teach and why a person becomes a teacher shapes kids lives forever.
Who We Teach
Teachers are the front line between the kids and youth of our nation, and the real world. They prepare these children and future adults for what they are going to experience in their lives. Lets imagine a world without schools and teachers for a bit. The world survived like this for years. Many kids were not able to go to school and get an education, unless you were one of the rich elite. A select few controlled the world because they were the educated of the world, able to keep the peasants under their thumb because they couldn 't read and speed the ideas that would take the tyrants down. Schools educate the people, they keep our governments honest, they provide people the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. How could an inner city kid that grows up in…

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