Why Students Should Not Teach Students Essay

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The majority of students all over the world strive to receive what they deem “good” grades. However, it has reached a point that students abandon learning to achieve them and succeed in life. Therefore, the immense amount of pressure society puts on students to obtain good grades detracts from their ability to learn.
Students have many misinterpretations about their grades, particularly what they represent and their relationship with learning. For example, they often mistake long-term learning and course grades as equals (West and Carrell). In reality, the grade he or she received and the amount a student actually learned are independent of one another (Rubino). Many students are more attracted to having A’s on their reports cards than being able to explain a topic that their grades say they are proficient in. In addition, some students believe that their grades define them, but this is not true (“Student Life Survey”). Quoting a high schooler that researcher Alexandra Robbins interviewed, “The better grades you have, the better school you get into, the better you’re going to do in life” (Robbins 136). This high schooler defines grades as the sole importance. The main misinterpretation is that the students tend to extremely over-prioritize grades.
Students also have misunderstandings about learning. For example, according to a study by the Princeton Review, students feel that learning does not matter as long as one obtains good grades (“Student Life Survey”). Students…

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