Why Students Should Not Be Punished For Seeking Out A More Rigorous Education

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Since the beginning of all this, my main goal was to ensure education would come first in DHS and CCSD and students would have access to the best education possible. No student should be punished for seeking out a more rigorous education. From the very first meeting with school officials, the most important thing was policy changes. Our state go-on rate is on a downward slope and has already fallen under 50%. We need to be promoting education for our students rather than punishing them. Students should not have to choose between getting a great education and participating in school activities.

Per ACLU, DHS was required to update their constitutional policies. Roper decided the student council should be in charge of making the constitutional changes. The committee assigned to define a full-time student met on October 21, 2014 and had an hour long discussion, where we unanimously decided the following:

“Any student, including a dually enrolled student, who lives in a school’s attendance zone or who has been accepted to a school through the open enrollment process, is eligible to participate in any program or activity available at that school.”

With this, we were able to remove arbitrary rules that limited our students, ultimately leaving the decisions up to the students to chose who would best lead their schools. However, Roper would not accept our decision and made us interview faculty of DHS on what they believed a full-time student should be. He picked the…

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