Why Students Should Never Be Neglected Essay

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One of the biggest concerns I found in the reading is how ELL student will be neglected until the teachers sense the students are linguistically ready for instruction. Students should never be neglected.

One of the most interesting research finds was that there was not a significant difference in understanding with respect to language diversity. Class that were created to help students understand and become more aware of the issue did not seem to make that much of a difference according to the findings. Students who were in upper level courses were eager to work with Ells compared to students in lower level courses.

BICS are Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills. BICS are important because they help students in social situations. These are important to know because students will be dealing with social settings and as teachers we need to make sure students have BICS. CALPS are Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills. CALPS are in the class room setting. CALPS deals with the academic setting and english does not happen unconsciously for ELLs. So it is our jobs as teacher to help student acquire their Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency Skills. It is important to know that BICS and CALPS are different.

GlAD Guided Language Acquisition Design
SAIDE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
SIOP Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol I focused on the SIOP Model which has eight components 1). Lesson Preparation 2). Building Background 3).…

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