Should Students Learn About Shakespeare Essay

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Should the student learn about William Shakespeare work?

Why student should learn about William Shakespeare work because his work offers students a connection that inspired the reader to get an idea of what literature was like back then. Without a doubt, William Shakespeare he was one of the greatest dramatists, and the greatest propose write in the history of human language art. The reason students should learn about William Shakespeare because his theme is meaningful, his language are great and meaningful, many words that our English used today are based on Shakespeare language, and the last reason is that Shakespeare works are part of the language art history. So today I will talk to you guys about why students should learn about William Shakespeare work in school, and you will absolutely love it.

The first reason why students should learn about Shakespeare work is that because his poems, plays, and writing bring extremely powerful themes that create a connection from life back then to our modern day life. When reader read most of his plays and poems, they will obviously notice that the theme is mostly about love, hate, violence, and friendship. Those themes are still appealing to people today
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The second reason students should learn about Shakespeare works is that his writing bring many meaningful quotes and most of his vocal are still being used today, and they are very interesting. The third reason why students should definitely learn about William Shakespeare works is that it an important part of our language art history. William Shakespeare has become an important landmark in our English literature. After this presentation, I hope that you guys are interesting in Shakespeare work and should start learning about

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