Why Students Should Have Phones Cellphones Phones, Tablets And Other Mobile Devices

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Consider a few facts:
91 percent of teenagers, ages 13 to 17, access the internet on cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices at least occasionally. [Source]
51 percent of high school students and 28 percent of middle school students carry a smartphone with them to school every day [Source]
On average, children are 12.1 years old when they receive their first mobile device. [Source]

As an educator, I personally have accepted that mobile devices are not going anywhere and that we need to accept their presence and usefulness in our schools and classrooms. While some educators debate if students should have phones/devices in our buildings, few can argue that schools and families must begin to teach students a few key skills to best support our students ' education.

1. Students must be able to use their school 's website or app to look up their own grades, attendance, discipline and other available educational records. One cannot goal-set and improve if they do not have the data to know how they are doing and where to focus. Our students are no different than professionals like athletes, engineers and businessmen who constantly take snapshots of their work in time and then focus their improvement on areas they have difficulty and/or deficiencies. Students must download/locate the app or site that allows for access to this data and then must bookmark and save log-ins and passwords for frequent checking and goal setting. Once these goals are created we must coach…

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