Why Students Should Adopt Your Summer Before Autumn Term Starts

924 Words Nov 26th, 2015 4 Pages
In the first part of getting ready for university we looked at textbooks, important university information and how to spend your summer before autumn term starts. In this second instalment will look at documents and processes you should adopt to ensure the beginning of your higher education journey and getting ready for university comes with ease.
Be organised
Although this is a tip for university preparation, it is also a tip for everyday life! Organisation is key to success in whatever form it chooses to appear! From student timetables to your student information being organised will only make things easier later on (trust us). Save every email or correspondence you receive regarding UCAS, Clearing, Adjustment, Student Finance or your university – anything that is in any way connected to student life. Universities usually have their own email operating system for their students, but if you haven’t received this yet your own email will do fine. Create folders for each area and keep everything – because having to scroll through an untidy inbox looking for a very important email will only infuriate you later (again, trust us). Keeping correspondence is also similar to an insurance policy, if you have everything you have been sent then you will have all the information you will ever need.
Start packing slowly
Never leave it to the night before to start packing your life away. Going to university is a big choice and if you have chosen to move away then packing all of your…

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