Why Students Drop Out Of College Essay

1173 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
Getting students to drop out of college in this day and age has become more acceptable in recent memory than in the past. There are numerous reasons why students drop out of college. But this argument is narrowed to why I think students drop out of college after their freshman year.
Attracting students to drop out has proven to be as attractive as getting them to enroll in the firstplace the three most common,examples that are given: Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. In those three cases, the companies werestarted at their universities and gained significant traction before those future CEOs knocked out their basic credit courses. There are a handful of reasons on why your 18 year old son is flunking out junior college. Or maybe your eighteen year old daughter comes across a rare opportunity that allows her to pursue something other than getting a degree at this moment. For instance working with mom at the family business or becoming an internet sensation which isn 't as farfetched as you would think . My father told me the other day when he came to visit me at one of our games "Son you know that anything positive that you pursue you not only have my support but your families ' as well" Meaning if I wanted to drop out and sell life insurance, or had become famous for whatever reason, pretty much a success then he is all for it. Now let 's say I am flunking out of school, so I decided to move back home and not work and sell drugs. I don 't think many parents would be too…

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