Why Students Are Failing? Essay

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Why most Americans students are failing? Schools don’t get enough funding from the government and because of this they don’t have enough resource such as, pencils, books, and other school materials. Because of teachers’ salary is too low, they just go from one school to other school in order to find a better salary. Money affects students in many ways such as students parts time job, schools don’t have enough supplies, teachers don’t get paid enough and therefore they don’t try to teach, parents don’t have enough money to provide good education for their children
Students’ parts time what can be negative. “28% of high schools students work part time for about twenty hours a week or less.”() Students are working a lot and don’t have a time to study and this can affect their grades because they will not have time to review their notes for the test. According to Herbert Marsh and Sabina Kleitman “A study found that as students work more hours their grades decline.” When students care more about their job rather than caring or thinking about there studies, they will not have this time to focus on school, the more time students spend at their job the less time they have to focus on educational purposes.
Teachers’ payment affects students’ achievement. According to Jennifer Brick “ 45% teachers are attracted by the amount of the salary.” Teaching is a very hard job so all teachers want to have a good salary. Teachers will not even try to teach because their salary is not…

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