Why Steroids Should Be Legal Essay

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Darren 1
Darren Maybury
Professor Roxana M. Russo
English 1101
10 December 2014
Should Steroids Be Legal? Men and woman of this world push their body 's to and perhaps past their limits every day. People are stronger, faster and healthier than ever before today, each generation that comes along will live longer and longer than the average expectation of life for the average person. When at the absolute max of ones genetic capabilities,some turn to steroids. Steroids help push the limits of human genetics allowing one to become faster, stronger, and bigger than they ever could naturally. Steroids can have a big downside when it comes to the side effects if taken often or abused, but if it is done in moderation, the side effects are far less
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There are a couple different arguments about keeping steroids illegal and why steroids should become legal. “If steroids are legalized, it will be easier for kids to get their hands on them!”This is absolutely true! But think about all of the kids getting steroids right now that might not be getting real steroids, animal steroids, and harmful substances instead. The kids taking steroids today are not being watched by a doctor, do not know what they are doing, and may be abusing the steroids causing harmful side effects. In sports the argument is that when a player or athlete breaks a bone, tears a muscle or goes through a horrible injury, that the steroids not only heal them faster, but take them beyond stronger than they could have gotten naturally. If it is legal for the injured to get better and become stronger than others, why cant every athlete or player use them? With the proper precautions, steroids can highly benefit an athlete and help them blow past the goals of being the best they can be. Many believe that steroids are the so called “easy way” to get ripped and strong, those people are wrong. Taking steroids is a process that requires hard …show more content…
When someone takes steroids there are a few things they need to do in order for steroids to work. That person will lift heavier than ever before and exhaust their muscles beyond imaginable, lift twice as much, and eat very carefully. As someone cycles on and off steroids they need to eat a lot more to keep the muscle they gained, taking into account the amount of carbohydrates, fats and protein they are getting in the day. Steroids can be considered “cheating” but they can also be considered as a drug to help someone benefit from hard work that would otherwise injure them or produce no results whatsoever. So what is the solution to this debate? With all the benefits of steroids it is clear that the legalization of steroids would benefit many. This legalization will help many get stronger and better, avoid side effects and harmful substances, while being monitored closely by a doctor. Steroids help used safely can make a person faster, stronger, and bigger, so why not legalize it? This will be a on going debate for years to come. Hopefully in the future people will be better educated on this topic, preventing people from abusing steroids, using them the wrong way, or being harmed by another substance that is supposed to be

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