Why Spelling Is The Most Basic Skill Of Foreign Language Learning?

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Spelling is the most basic skill in foreign language learning and is the significant aspect of second language acquisition also. In this research, I aim to identify the importance of the spelling in second languae acqisition, the current situation of spelling among second language learners and the effective strategies and implications for ELLs to overcome the spellig barrier and for teachers to improve their second language teaching.
Learning English not only need to master the accurate grammar and authentic expression, but also use the appropriate vocabulary and the correct spelling. The process of learning English is like building a house, if grammar is the skeleton or beefy rebar, vocabulary and correct spelling is the indispensable bricks. The hardness of the bricks directly affects the quality of the house. Therefore, improving spelling skills becomes the most basic requirement in English learning because it can cement student’s vocabulary and accelerate their learning of reading and writing. Spelling is essential for everybody to convey his or her idea. Bad spelling is an obstacle for readers to understand the meaning in written language. “Spelling is very important in written language, and any mistake in spelling can affect the written product and may lead to misunderstanding. Therefore, correct spelling of vocabulary is essential to convey the intended meaning.” (Corder 1981:76)
According to the information that I researched, correct spelling can help students…

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