Why Social Security Is More Important To Women

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Doris Rambohan, female, 66 years old, widower, disabled
The first person that I interviewed was my grandmother. She was born in 1949 and is considered to be a Baby Boomer She is currently 66 years old and a widower. Her husband had a stroke years ago and at the age of 73, he passed away. He retired before that, and he started to get social security benefits because he was disabled after he had a stroke. After he passed away, his social security benefits were passed down to my grandmother. Social Security is very important to her because she feels like she needs to be taken care of. She expects to have disability benefits, but she does because she does not know how to apply for it and she does not read nor write that well.
She currently lives
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But women have the greatest need to retire. There are several reasons why Social Security is more important to women than men. First, women live longer than men and they represent 56% of beneficiaries at the 62 age population. This means that the majority of beneficiaries receiving benefits are women. Women also take time out to care for their children or aging parents. But they earn less than men so their overall income and savings are much lower. Women can also go through divorces and loss of home that can be economically bad. Most likely they only have one job to make a living, which is why Social Security is more important to women than …show more content…
However, if the program were to discontinue, she would have to know immediately so she can start planning differently for the future like budgeting and saving her money even more. She could help support another generation if the program wasn 't there, but only for her parents and grandparents and not for “random people from other generations.” She’s not too sure about any changes of the program because she does not know enough. She believes that the benefit in society is helping other generations, which means that taxes goes to something beneficial. It does not hurt her because she is used to paying taxes for groceries, clothes, food, etc. It’s a like a common norm. The cost in society is that she does really know where her money is going. And if social security was privatized, she says “that would be terrible if businesses had control over social security. Nobody would get it. Or if they did, they wouldn 't get as much as they should be getting because businesses are all about making their company/business bigger and better.” She thinks they would pocket all or most of the money that should be going to social

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