Why Soccer Is Important

I believe in trying new things when everyone else encourages you not to. For me, it was trying out for the school soccer team. When I told people about me wanting to join, most thought I wouldn’t be any good. I didn’t give into their opinions, but instead listened to myself. In less than a year since this sport has come into my life, it has taught me many things I would not have known if I hadn’t taken the chance to try something new.

I believe that trying new things such as a sport like soccer, allows us to learn the value of teamwork. Soccer is a sport based off of working together as a team. Everyone has to help each other and take cover of their own or their teammates positions whether it be when they aren’t in the right one, or are away
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At first, people might think that soccer is nothing but kicking a ball around a field and that it’s easy, but it’s quite the opposite. Playing it, we meet the many aspects that can make the game difficult. You will most likely fail many times before learning a new trick to use when trying to gain possession of the ball, but as time goes on, learn to move beyond the failure and gain the skill. When practicing a skilled shot at the goal, perseverance comes into play because you aren’t always going to have a nice, clear shot at the goal. Instead, most times we might kick it over the crossbar or too far to the right or left. Each time it happens, we have to persevere through the failure and see it as an opportunity to get better and gain more skill.

I believe in trying new things and leaving our own comfort zone. People may speak their opinions on what they think about your decision; however, you have to try new things and make that decision on your own. Soccer has been such of a positive thing in my life that has helped, distracted, and taught me many valuable things I can not only use on the field, but in my day to day life. I know I can be at ease when I get onto the field and take a deep breath of the air that smells like fresh dirt. It’s the new things we do in life that can fill us with

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