Why So Many Gospels? Essay

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Why So Many Gospels?
Sara Driediger Writing, GEN 101 Oct. 18, 2016
Why So Many Gospels?
Why are there so many gospels? Why are there four different re-tellings of the same story? One might think they could be simplified, condensed, edited into one concise book, instead of overlapping. The three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke are the first books of the New Testament, and make up the synoptic gospel. These books give three different accounts of the same story, showing that the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection has many levels. Some scholars think that they are contradictory, but despite the differences, the gospels are complimentary, and help give the full picture of Jesus’ time on earth.
A Glance at Matthew The word gospel is the English translation of “euangelion,” a Greek word meaning “good news.”1 Matthew is th e first of the synoptic gospels that brings such “good news.” The book of Matthew is written by a Jewish author for the Jewish people. It was written in a way that it would have resonated with them deeply and contained principals and references they would have been very familiar with. The author included the genealogy of Jesus to show the Jews that he had the credentials to be their Messiah. The Jewish people new the Old Testament extremely well, and the book of Matthew wanted to convince them that Jesus came to earth to fulfil the 330 prophecies. The genealogy of Jesus is profoundly important to this book. The gospel of Matthew is…

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