Why So Many Colonists Died In Early Jamestown

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Early Jamestown

Imagine landing into a new place, a new world, a place filled with opportunities. Next thing you know, by the end of December most of your friends and family have died. Living in early Jamestown sure wasn't easy. In 1607 colonists from England came to make the first permanent settlement in the New World. Out of the 110 colonists that came only 40 were alive by the end of December. A resupply ship came in January but two- thirds of the settlement died in the winter of 1609-1610.
Even though so many people were dying the English kept coming. By 1611, out of the more than 500 settlers, 80% were dead. The main reasons so many colonists died in early Jamestown was because of drought, trowing wastes into the river , and the type of people the colonists brought with them. One of the reasons so many colonists died in early Jamestown was because of drought. Document B shows that in the years 1606 to 1612 Jamestown had its longest drought. The Powhatans traded with colonists for crops. With no water the crops could not grow. With no crops, the colonists soon got hungry. In the winter of 1609 to 1610 there was a period of time called the "starving time.' During the starving time two - thirds of the colonists died.
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Document A states " disease in the early years to Jamestown's position at the salt- fresh water transition, where filth introduced into the river tended to fester rather than flush away." The colonists threw their wastes into the river causing the river to turn brackish. The brackish river would rise causing fresh water to be scarce. With no fresh water the colonists would have to use the brackish water causing diseases. These disease would eventually spread throughout the settlement and kill many

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